It's twenty years after a tectonic disaster destroyed most of humanity and life is finally beginning to reemerge.  While on an expedition, Rissa and her team of explorers are attacked by armed and dangerous strangers. Two of her team are taken prisoner, but before Rissa can mount a rescue mission, she's confronted by a huge wolf who prevents her counter attack. Is she dinner or something more to this strange creature? Matters become more frighteningly complicated when wolf becomes man, a man who immediately elicits a heated reaction in her that makes her question her sanity.

Along with his pack of wolf shifters, Gage is on a hunt for rogue bandits, but his mission changes when he scents the enticing answer to every shifter's dream. Nature has decreed this strong, brave, and beautiful woman to be his mate. Risa's willing to fight beside him, but his wolf wants more. Now all he has to do is convince her that what she feels for him is real.

Heart of an Alpha is more than a romance. It's the story of hope and adventure in a world where survival is a whole new game.

(A stand alone novel for 18+ readers)

Heart of an Alpha was updated on 9-18-17!

​Some new conversations were added and intensive editing was done throughout.

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